What is Telecare?

A telecare service enables you to live independently with the reassurance someone is always there should you need assistance.

Telecare is connected to a fixed phoneline or mobile connection which dials through to our personal telecare team, when the user simply presses the alarm button (worn around either wrist or neck) in case of an emergency.

Our friendly telecare team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – always on hand if help is required.

Having a telecare service installed within the comfort of your own home can help avoid admission to a residential home, in-home care or even hospital.  

Telecare is an non-intrusive, safe, reliable and trusted service.

What types of Telecare are there?

There are many telecare solutions available for you and your home. 

The systems allow family members, friends, neighbours and nurses to be alerted by phone when there’s a problem. These include:

A personal telecare alarm: 

An alarm is raised by pressing your alarm button (either a small wristband or a pendant worn around the neck) that is kept on you at all times.

Home motion sensors:

Different types of sensors can raise the alarm if there’s a problem, such as:

  • Smoke or a fire
  • Flooding
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Not making it to bed
  • If the door is open or closed
  • If you have a fall
  • You haven’t got back into bed after going to the bathroom during the night 
  • Forgotten to close the outside door

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