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Centra Pulse has been helping thousands of people to live independently in their own homes every day since 1986.

Did you know that at our last customer survey we have achieved 99% customer satisfaction?

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A real lifesaver - Gloria’s life was literally held in the balance when she pressed her pendant - a simple action that saved her life. Read more...

Centra Pulse throws a lifeline - Our alarm unit proved to be a real lifeline when Dawn stumbled and fell outside her home hitting her forehead and breaking her nose and arm. Read more...

I lost my husband in July  2013. I wear a calliper on my left leg - a legacy from childhood polio. My walking and balance is becoming more and more difficult.  So I felt I needed some reassurance in the event I should fall. I feel a lot safer knowing all I need to do is press a button on my pendant and I will get help. 

Anonymous/ St. Helens

As a widow living alone and having a family who care and concerned for my welfare, being in my 80's (now 91), it was considered essential that in the event of an incident especially during the night time, I should receive attention as soon as possible. My wrist button provides that assurance and relieves the anxiety of my family.  I consider the cost of the service, is well worth it.  It gives me peace of mind. Free of worry for me and my family. I really feel that all people in the same situation as myself should have this service available to them...

Charles Lovell/ 91/  Larkfield - Kent

I had recently lost my husband, and no family nearby, and realised there was no one for me if I fell or had a sudden illness. So I found some leaflets, and then found you. Centra Pulse helps me by just being there - just a push-button away.

Mrs Margaret Young/ 70/ Dove - Kent

I had a letter from the council saying they were going to put up the cost of the care home I was using... so I decided to cancel.  I saw your advertisement, and decided to get in touch.

Anonymous/ Batley

I like to potter about in my garden. This pendant gives me peace of mind.  I know it works, because a little while ago, while in the garden, unbeknown to me, pressed the button, and did not hear the alarm in the house.  The first I knew of it, was my neighbour standing at my kitchen door, asking me if I was alright.

Anonymous/ Tonbridge

I joined Centra Pulse alarm service, via my son in Toronto, who was extremely concerned with my vulnerability in the event of a sudden accident or illness. I am 78 years old, live me on my own and have a heart condition. He made the initial application to give him and his brothers in New York peace of mind that immediate help would be available. It gives me 24 hour reassurance that help is immediately to hand should an emergency situation arise whilst home alone in my flat.

Mrs Shirley S. Young/ 78/ Poole

Did you know that on a typical month

We called a doctor or district nurse to attend 517 times
We called the emergency services to attend 1,576 times
We arranged for assistance for 875 clients who have fallen
We offered friendly reassurance to 4809 vulnerable people.

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