First rate telecare services

Centra Pulse provides both in-home telecare services as well as mobile telecare 24/7.

Providing first-rate telephone and GPS services Centra Connect

Call handling services
Centra Connect

First rate telecare services Centra Pulse

Personal alarm services
Centra Pulse

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In-home Telecare Service

For over 27 years we have been providing 24/7 monitoring via our alarm unit and pendant system, ensuring vulnerable people living alone have access to instant support should they need it. The service is ideal for people living alone as well as vulnerable groups of people knowing help is there should they need us. Read more about our first rate telecare service.

Mobile Telecare

We use GPS (Global Satellite Positioning) technology to provide reassurance and instant access to help for those living with a range of long-term health conditions such as dementia. When the user presses their alarm button (in the form of a watch or mobile phone) our monitoring team can locate them and talk them through the next steps, provide reassurance and call the emergency services if need be. Find out more.