How can you live safely at home with Alzheimer’s or dementia using technology?

Robin (Son in Law), said “Elizabeth now has Vega GPS emergency support and locator it has given us real peace of mind to know she is where she should be. For Elizabeth it means she has the confidence and reassurance to carry on getting out and about.”

Every day we receive calls from people living with Alzheimer’s & dementia, looking for reassurance or help remembering when their carer is due. But for others like Elizabeth it can be much more serious.

Elizabeth’s who suffers from dementia, home is fitted with a telecare front door alert and she wears a GPS device, which proved to be life saver when she wandered off alone in the night. Read her full story 

You can often feel quite isolated and alone when facing different types of dementia, in particular Alzheimer’s. Trying to understand what the future holds and how you can continue making the most of life can seem a constant struggle.

An early symptom of dementia and Alzheimer’s is often a lapse in memory. Whether it’s helping you remember meal times, medication or raising an alarm for an overflowing bath, these can all be monitored to give you the level of support you require. Everyday tasks such as cooking, can become increasingly difficult. Sensors around the home can monitor, the risk of fire, flood or even forgetting to secure the home at night to prevent issues at home before they cause damage or harm. 

Sometimes, all you need is a little reassurance. You can be connected to our 24/7 telecare team based in Kent at the push of a button. They’re professional, friendly and are all Dementia Friends, so they know how to deal with those affected and have the patience and understanding to make the right decisions.

By adopting technology early you can help make it part of daily life, and our telecare service can be adapted to continually support you as the disease progresses.

You can get help and advice from our dementia friendly telecare team call today 0300 456 3605

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