Our services

Quality, first-rate support services.

At Centra Support we provide a range of services to support people who require a safe, comfortable place to live or who require assistance to find a secure and sustainable home.

Supported Accommodation

Tailored quality supported accommodation and resettlement services

Our supported accommodation provides a safe and secure home for the people we support. Staff are on hand to provide the support and guidance needed to enable people to live independently or help them prepare for a move to a more permanent home. Find more about our Supported accommodation for younger people, adults and older people.

Floating Support

Quality services to help sustain tenancies and develop independent living skills

We are a leading provider of floating support for a wide range of client groups and with over 30 years experience in care and support, we posses a wealth of experience to deliver quality bespoke services for you and your residents. Find out more about our floating support services.