Supported accommodation for older people

Lily's story

“I’ve got my independence back by moving.”

Lily moved into supported housing run by Centra when living in an unwelcoming neighbourhood became almost too much to bear. Centra’s supported accommodation service allowed Lily to take advantage of its sense of community with the freedom to decide when to be alone in her own home.

“Before I came to the Centra accommodation in Leybourne, I lived in a small sheltered housing accommodation block in Hertfordshire with three ladies and two men. We never spoke to each other or socialised in any way. I felt isolated and alone.”

“I started getting anxious and scared, I was constantly checking the front door was locked and kept my curtains closed, just in case. It was at this point that I knew I needed a change.”

“I’ve got my independence back by moving but help is at hand if I need it. When I first moved in, my Support Officer Carol said she would come and check on me every day. I didn’t see the need because I like to look after myself. We made a compromise and agreed that I would put a note on my door every day to let her know if I was okay or needed help. It’s the perfect balance for me.”

“I don’t feel scared living here because we are all in it together. I even leave my front door open because all the residents know to keep the door to the main road firmly shut.”

“Old age is not pleasant. You are slow in body and in mind. But we’re all in this together here; we can laugh our troubles away. If you saw a photograph of me seven years ago, you wouldn’t believe it was me now. I think coming here was the making of me because it marked the start of me beginning to pull myself together. I don’t mind every day carrying on as it has really. I’m happy.”

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Lily has now sadly passed away but her family have given their permission to include her story on our website.