Supported accommodation for younger people

“Being able to physically see what I’ve achieved is amazing.”

Twenty four-year-old Brett Kokkinos turned to supported accommodation run by Centra six years ago when he needed help the most. Its support allows young people like Brett to help themselves by encouraging independent living and support identifying their goals, whether that’s further education, finding a job or living on their own. Brett now enjoys living independently, is holding down a job and has turned his life around thanks to the tailored support and advice service he received.

“Life wasn’t great. I had no home and no hope, nothing was going as it should and I needed to get my life back on track.”

“I shared with three others during my time there. There’s plenty of space and it was great to be around people again. I made some positive steps towards my recovery by applying some routine to my life. Simple things like cleaning helped to motivate me and introduce some kind of structure again.”

“Everyone is assigned a Support Officer whose job it is to help you realise your potential. Mine helped me start to clear my debts and opened up opportunities I wouldn’t usually have taken advantage of. I began to learn new skills from cooking to health and safety which helped build my confidence. The main thing I’ve learnt here is that your recovery is down to you and it has to come from within. But you’re not alone. There is help along the way.”

“Having my own place and being able to physically see what I’ve achieved is amazing. The best thing about it is that I can practice my passion of gardening. At the moment I’m growing peas, cucumber, parsnips, beetroot, courgettes and runner beans. It’s so rewarding to see all of this after the journey I’ve been on.”

“I’ve returned to work too. I work as a cleaner at a bank and there’s a chance I could get a second job cleaning at a school. My next goal is to save up enough money to buy a car so I can get on the road and spend more time on the water. It would make me really happy to achieve my mission of getting my car and heading to Portsmouth to see HMS Victory.”

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