Know your lease

It is important you know your lease in as much detail as possible. If you do not have a copy of your lease you can get one from the land registry for a small fee.

The lease will tell you what your rights are and also say what your and our responsibilities are. This includes:

  • It is a legally binding contractual agreement. The person/s and/or organisation/s who is the landlord is referred to as the Lessor and the leaseholder as the Lessee. 
  • It will outline the physical extent of your property. The technical term for this is the demise. This is what most people think of as 'their flat'.
  • If you live in a flat, the lease will say which parts of the building are for your exclusive enjoyment and which are for shared enjoyment. Shared parts of the building are referred to as the common (communal) areas
  • The lease will tell you any rights you have to use other parts of the building and any shared features and amenities. The technical term for such a right is an easement.
  • You will have a right to enjoy your home without unreasonable interference from your landlord. The technical term for this is quiet enjoyment.
  • It will tell you who is responsible for repairs to different parts of the building. The technical term for responsibilities defined by a lease is a lease covenant. They are legally binding.
  • It will tell you what you will pay for and make you aware of any payment responsibilities required by the lease. These will include any rent or service charges you are required to pay under the lease.
  • It will allow you to know how long is left on your lease. Keeping track of this can help you ensure you extend your lease at the right time
  • It will tell you if you need to speak to us for any permissions or consents. This will probably needed if you want to make any alterations or if you want to sub-let your home

Leases can be difficult to read and understand. If you need any help understanding your lease please contact your local Property Management Team.

You may also want to see our Lease Jargon Buster. This might help explain some of the technical words.

We also recommend the following quiz, accessible on the leasehold advisory service's website. It is a fun way to see how well you know your lease and can be very useful if you are in the process of buying a leasehold property. To play the quiz click here.

We would recommend visiting the leasehold advisory service website for general information about leases. It is an excellent independent source for all things leasehold.

Leasehold Advisory Service