About Centra Pulse

Formerly Invicta Telecare

Established in 1986, we've been helping people live independently for almost 30 years, achieving over 99% customer satisfaction in our latest survey.

We help over 125,000 people to live safely and independently both in and out of the home. 

At the touch of a button our services connect you immediately to people you can depend on, who are trained and ready to help whatever the problem, whenever it happens.

Our staff are hand-picked and receive over 80 hours of 121 training.  Experienced, friendly and approachable they take pride in giving you a first class, professional service. Last year our Centra Pulse personal alarm service received over two million calls.

Watch Peter's story for how we helped him on the road to recovery.

You can choose from our range of products including:

In-home alarms

GPS devices

Centra Pulse in-home alarm Vega device
Personal alarms
from £3.44* a week
Emergency support and GPS locators
from £TBC* a week
Ideal for couples and individuals who require a bit of reassurance at home. Speak directly with our telecare team at the simple push of a button. Our in-home alarms can even have additional sensors and alarms added to maximise your safety at home. Smoke alarms, flood detectors and fall detectors can all be set up to automatically call our team when you need assistance most.
Our out-of-home personal alarms are not just for the more active person. Thanks to GPS technology, our emergency support and locators ideal for anyone who gets easily confused or is prone to wandering. Tailored to your requirements, they enable voice support and the ability to find you in an emergency.
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