How our service works

Our telecare alarm unit is a simple piece of equipment that has two main elements: 

  • Home alarm base unit
  • Lightweight waterproof touch personal pendent which can either be worn around your neck or on your wrist. 

The pendent alarm connects wirelessly to the base unit and will work anywhere in your home or garden. The equipment is easy to install yourself and works alongside your own telephone line. Just follow the simple instructions that are supplied with your telecare products. The base unit can be plugged into any telephone line near to an electric wall socket, and you can carry on using your telephone in the usual way and simply place the pendant around your neck or wrist.

Step 1

If you feel unwell, have a fall or have any other difficulty at anytime night or day, you just activate the alarm by pressing on the button worn on your wrist or as a neck pendant and the unit will automatically connect you to our experienced telecare team.

Step 2

Within seconds our operators will speak to you via loud speaker on the main telecare base unit (the operator will be able to hear you even if you are in a different room to the actual base unit). 

Step 3
Our operators will identify the best course of action to assist you. This may be a friendly ear and re-assurance, call one of your nominated contacts or call for medical assistance should you need it. You will get the help or reassurance you need.

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