Dawn's story

Centra throws a lifeline

Our alarm unit proved to be a real lifeline when Dawn stumbled and fell outside her home hitting her forehead and breaking her nose and arm.

Recently prescribed blood pressure tablets were making Dawn, aged 84, unsteady on her feet. Last month, she fell and landed awkwardly on the kerbside outside her home when she was on her way to visit a neighbour. Fortunately, Dawn remembered the alarm unit worked within 100 – 200 feet of her home and pressed her button to summon help, even though she was on the street.

Centra's trained Telecare operator who instantly received the call said: As I got no response when trying to make contact with Dawn via her alarm unit, I immediately contacted her nearest keyholder asking her to check on Dawn and update me via the unit once she was inside.

The neighbour discovered Dawn on the pavement badly injured and covered in blood. She suspected Dawn had broken her arm and also had two black eyes, swollen lips and nose and a deep gash to her forehead. Following Centra's instructions, she went into Dawn’s house and pressed the button on the alarm unit to speak directly to the operator and update her about the situation. An ambulance was immediately called and fully briefed about Dawn’s condition. She was rushed to Maidstone Hospital and admitted for two weeks.

The operator continued: Unfortunately we knew from our records that Dawn had no close family who we could inform about the accident, but we were able to ensure her property was securely locked and made safe whilst she was in hospital.

Returning home with her arm still in plaster Dawn said: I was so frightened, and dread to think how long I would have been outside lying injured in the cold if I had not had my wrist strap on. It is a really quiet cul-de-sac and we rarely have passers by, so my alarm proved to be a real life saver.

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