Elizabeth's Vega case study

Elizabeth, 74, has an unusual form of dementia that means she can remember events of yesterday, or what is due to take place tomorrow, but is unable to comprehend the here and now.

It can be really difficult for relatives who have a family member living with dementia. For many it’s a constant strain trying to keep track of where they are and wanting reassurance they are safe.

Although Elizabeth lives alone during the day she has a door alert monitored by Centra Pulse to help keep her safe. It’s fitted to her front door and triggers an alarm call through to our telecare team if it’s opened outside of pre-agreed times. In addition she wears a Vega emergency support and locator that works anywhere, in and out of the home. It can instantly connect Elizabeth to one of our trained professionals who can track her location and arrange the right support if she runs into difficulties. The built in two-way speaker means we can speak to her wherever she is and give instant reassurance and advice.

Recently Elizabeth left the house and thankfully Louise, an attentive telecare operator, felt this was not her usual time to leave for her day centre which she attends three days a week. Louise acted quickly to check whether she was aboard her minibus using the GPS locating device built into the Vega to identify the exact route she was taking. It showed that she was not travelling in the right direction and was in fact wandering the streets close to her home.

Son in law, Robin, was immediately contacted and Elizabeth was found wandering and confused by her carers. He told us:

“Up until three months ago Elizabeth only had the door alert which was great for letting us know if she had left home unexpectedly. What it didn’t do is help us to find her if she had forgotten where she was supposed to be going.

Last winter Elizabeth left home inappropriately dressed on a very cold evening. By the time we found her she was suffering from hyperthermia and ended up in hospital for four days. It was a very upsetting time for us all.

Now she has the Vega emergency support and locator it has given us real peace of mind to know she is safely where she should be. For Elizabeth it means she has the confidence and reassurance to carry on getting out and about.

The Centra Pulse team are brilliant and it’s a relief to know they can contact her at any time night or day if she has problems, or if we are concerned.”

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