Vega emergency support and locator case study

Tony Riordan suffered two strokes without being aware he’d had them. When he had his third on Boxing Day 2012 and was rushed to hospital, his life changed forever.

“I was surprised to say the least when I learned that my first stroke was actually my third. I was out shopping with my wife at the time and didn’t understand what was happening to me. Luckily we got to hospital in time and I managed to make a full recovery.

As you can imagine, recovering from a stoke is tough. Although I’ve made great progress, I’m still a little weak on my left side when I walk. I used to be an HGV driver travelling through central London, but I don’t work now. 

'It allows me to live how I did before'
I am still proactive though, and try to live life to the full as far as my condition will let me. That’s why the Vega is now such an important part of my life. It allows me to live how I did before my stroke and removes the fear of ‘what if’. I am part of a shooting club and I’m on the committee of the Deal & District Stroke Group so I need my independence. 

The Vega is also a massive comfort to my family. My children feel so much more confident about me being active now they know I’m always able to get help. I’d never considered telecare before my stroke, but now I have it, I wouldn’t be without it.”

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