Wrist-worn fall detector

Can also detects trips, stumbles and recovered falls

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Wrist worn fall detector

Price: £2.53 per week

Requires an in-home personal alarm package from Centra Pulse. This price excludes VAT.

Falls represent the most frequent and serious types of accident among older people, with 75% of deaths resulting from falls happening in the home.

Our fall detection sensor is unique because not only does it automatically detect a fall, it can also be used to detect stumbles, trips or recovered falls.The sensor is able to identify where the wearer has fallen and then it senses both impact and angle. The sensor will then buzz if it is about to raise an alarm through to our monitoring centre. If it is a false alarm the wearer can cancel it, otherwise it will signal straight through to our Centra telecare team who will take appropriate action.

This sensor works in conjunction with your in-home telecare alarm

Who is it for?

  • People who are unsteady on their feet
  • People who have been recently discharged from hospital and require some extra support 
  • Anyone with epilepsy or diabetes
  • Worn on the wrist
  • Detects slips and trips as well as falls
  • Battery operated – 1 year battery life.  No wiring needed
  • 5 user selectable levels of sensitivity, 
  • 3 event logs; impacts, pre-alarms & alarms
  • Range up to 75 metres

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