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Centra - monthly telecare package

Monthly package - if you're VAT exempt, pay only £15.99 per month. (£19.19 if you pay VAT)

Price: £15.99 per month for VAT exempt customers (£19.19 if VAT payable)

  • 24/7 around the clock reassurance with our monitoring service
  • An alarm unit
  • Wrist strap / belt clip / tile suction pad (for in the bath)
  • Wireless pendant
  • 100% around the clock reassurance for yourself or a loved one
  • Add an extra pendant for only £9.99 per month

What you pay

For VAT exempt customers that's £15.99 per month, or £19.19 if VAT payable. 

You can opt for self-install (by post, +£30 on 1st month's payment if VAT exempt, £36 if you pay VAT) or Centra can install for you (+ £100 on first month's payment if VAT exempt, £120 if you pay VAT).

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