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Key Safe: Supra C500

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Picture of Police Approved Key Safe Supra C500

Price: £52.92

Securely and discretely store keys, externally, allowing emergency access. If keysafe is purchased with an in-home personal alarm package and you are VAT exempt then VAT will not apply.

A key safe enables you to securely store the keys of your property outside. This will allow family or emergency services to quickly gain access to your property, without causing damage, should you need assistance. 

Who is it for?

The key safe works in conjunction with our telecare monitoring service.  For example, in case you fall at home and alert our telecare team using your personal alarm, a key safe would enable your family or emergency services to quickly gain access to your property.  

  • C500 Supra key safe
  • Police approved key safe
  • Compact - allows for discrete storing of your keys
  • Holds 1-6 keys (depending on the size of your keys)
  • Set your own combination - no keys required
  • Durable metal construction
  • Flexible cover protects combination dials from weather, dirt and grime
The C500 has undergone a series of rigorous and demanding tests devised by security experts who concluded that, when installed as directed, the C500 is as attack resistant as a domestic front door.


C500 key safe (excl VAT):   £52.92
Installation (excl VAT):   £85



Purchase a keysafe with any Centra Pulse personal alarm and Pay just one installation fee of £135.00 to set up both items.

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