Pebbell 2 Personal Alarm

A discreet personal alarm and tracker device, providing reassurance for families and independence for those they care about.

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A personal alarm equipped with GPS to help you feel confident and safe when you are out and about. Provides reassurance for families and independence for those they care about

Price: £124.99 exc. VAT

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants a little extra reassurance that help is available anytime when they are out and about.
  • People living with dementia who may get confused and not remember their way home, or perhaps go out in the middle of the night and find themselves somewhere unsafe.
  • People with learning difficulties or a mental health condition who wish to retain their independence.

How does it work?

The Pebbell 2 can be put in the pocket or worn around the neck. Your Pebbell can store up to three mobile phone numbers for contacting family, friends or carers in an emergency - just at the press of the SOS button.

Your family and friends can also call you anytime; ­­find you and set-up specific location alerts.

Your Pebbell comes with £2 credit already on the SIM card, to get you up and running. It's easy to top-up and you can set alerts reminding you when the credit starts to run low.

Other features

  • Your choice of colour: pink, black, blue or green
  • Geofences (safe zones) triggering a text message when the device moves into or leaves a designated area.
  • Easy charging with a specially designed charging dock
  • Easy to setup with user manuals, FAQs and support to make it as simple as it should be
  • Water resistant against showers and rain

What comes in the box?

  • Pebbell 2 in your choice of colour (pink, black, blue or green)
  • UK plug
  • Micro USB cable
  • Charging cradle
  • Key chain

Call: 0300 333 2012