Geofencing and safe zones

How GPS can be used to keep people safe - particularly those who are prone to wandering or leaving safe areas.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is a fairly common technology in today's world. It can be found in things like car Sat Nav's and smart phones for helping users find their location. But having GPS  alone isn't necessarily enough to keep someone safe.

Devices which are able to geofence enable users to set zones on a map which they can mark as safe or unsafe.

This is especially useful for people who are prone to wandering, may be living with dementia or have a requirement not to stray too far from a set point (a child leaving a home perhaps).

A safe zone could consist of a normal everyday route (for example to the shops) and a virtual geofence could be set up around it. If the wearer takes a wrong turn (and strays outside the geofenced area) an alert can be sent to request assistance.

Geofences can be tailored to your personal requirements.

Geofencing benefits more than just the wearer

  • Helps those living with dementia to live independently and maintain an active lifestyle
  • Helps locate people if they leave their "safe zone" 
  • Can help identify when someone may be near an unsafe area - like a busy road or lake
  • Peace of mind for family and carers
  • Can help reduce the strain on emergency services dispatched to looked for missing people
  • Can stop dangerous situations from happening or requiring intervention from emergency services

Our emergency support and GPS locators with geofencing 

We offer a range of GPS devices which are capable of geofencing. All geofenced areas or safe zones will be tailored to your specific needs, so it's best to speak to a member of our telecare team about the level of support your'e after.


Everon Vega

 Pebbell GPS Alarm  Vega device
Pebbells can set up to 3 geofences and be adjusted via an online portal. Pebbells can also be configured to alert a local carer or family member in an emergency, rather than our 24/7 monitoring center.
In addition to geofencing, the Everon Vega also allows time alerts to be set up. This means if a wearer leaves their home at an unusual time, such as in the middle of the night, an alert is sent to our team who will immediately take action.
Coming soon!