Lone worker solutions

Safety for lone workers

Our lone worker solutions are designed to protect lone working staff when they are most vulnerable. We offer a range of devices and smart phone applications including panic alarms and GPS tracking devices. They all offer 24/7 monitoring protection from our UK-based contact centre. 

Our lone worker devices and applications

Voice Connect

A quick and simple system using your employees standard mobile telephone to dial into our monitoring service.
Voice Connect

Oysta pearl+

The pearl+ offers great functionality and combines GPS and GSM technology ensuring excellent coverage and protection for your lone workers. Can be worn on a lanyard or belt clip.

Oysta Pearl

Evron Urgentys 

A comprehensive level of functionality from world leading GPS telecare provider Everon. The Urgentys ensures complete peace of mind. It’s lightweight, waterproof and can be charged whilst worn.

Why choose us

  • Trusted provider to a wider range of organisations including housing associations, local authorities and estate agents
  • Variety of tailored solutions to suit your organisation and budget
  • Technology including GPS and GPRS
  • UK-based contact centre
  • Expertly delivered by experienced staff – 24/7, 365
  • 95% satisfaction rating
  • Fully accredited and continuously developing solutions