DualCom SafeLink®

DualCom SafeLink® is a small device connected to any in-house call scheme or fire alarm which constantly monitors the telephone line to confirm they are secure and operational.

What is DualCom SafeLink®?

It’s part of our range 24/7 monitoring services, which are fully accredited by the Telecare Services Association (TSA).

Who benefits from the DualCom SafeLink®?

Most supported or sheltered accommodation rely on one telephone line to operate a telecare and firealarm service. If this line is in use, or fails, residents can be left vulnerable, and the monitoring centre and emergency services could be unaware of a potential accident. SafeLink®’s multinetwork SIM will always signal via the strongest GPRS mobile network available.

Who benefits from DualCom SafeLink®?

SafeLink® can be installed into any multi-occupancy accommodation including supported living communities, sheltered housing and care homes.

How does the DualCom SafeLink® work?

  • The device connects to any telecare scheme, fire alarm, security system, lift alarm or building management system.
  • The existing telephone is connected into SafeLink® and it continuously checks the line voltage and dialling tone.
  • This confirms the telecare equipment, fire alarm system or security alarms are fully working.
  • If an alarm system is triggered, a signal is sent to the Centra Pulse monitoring centre through the mobile network, showing that assistance is needed.
  • Key features

    ✔ Centra’s 24/7 reassurance for multi-occupancy accommodation managers
    ✔ Fully accredited and exceeds standards outlined by the TSA
    ✔ No need to pay for a second ‘back-up’ phone line
    ✔ Regular system performance checks
    ✔ Connects to any telecare scheme, fire alarm, security system, lift alarm or building management system.

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