Telecare and Warden Call maintenance service

Bespoke maintenance packages for clients of any size

What is our maintenance service?

Whether you require a single yearly check or regular site visits, we can support scheme mangers and staff by ensuring telecare equipment is tested and maintained in line with industry standards. Our package can be tailored to your needs and can vary to include everything you need, such as;

  • Basic ‘rack checks’, which simply check and replace back up batteries to ensure service continuity
  • Cleaning and testing of monitored smoke detectors, replacing faulty units and batteries
  • Checking and testing of dispersed units and checking all speech modules, pull cords and peripherals (such as pendants)
  • Functionality tests such as door access or combined entry / warden call systems

Who can benefit from one of our packages?

As our packages are bespoke, it doesn’t matter if you are a large housing association or a single scheme residency. We can support you even if your telecare services are not provided by Centra Pulse.

Key features of maintenance package

✔ Any faults found can be rectified on the same day at an agreed price, without having to call out the current service provider

✔ Maintenance checks are completed with supporting paperwork, as evidence you have adhered to your duty of care as per the TSA guidelines

✔ Larger housing associations and schemes could benefit from cost savings, as the need to employ staff to carry out tests and checks is negated

✔ Maintenance services may be inflated and hidden within a service provider’s package and may not offer the best value for money

✔ We can supply replacement alarms for a wide range of systems – no need to upgrade unnecessarily due to malfunctioning and obsolete equipment

✔ Regular checks on sensors like smoke alarms help prolong the life of equipment and keep your residents safer.