What do you know about Telecare?

10 May 2018

Would you and your organisation be interested in enhancing your knowledge about available technology? Do you want to assist people to live independently for as long as possible?

Old coupleCentra are pleased to be offering complimentary sessions to raise awareness of Telecare available. The sessions are led by one of our experienced Product Champions who will showcase the vast range of products Centra has to offer,  whilst explaining how technology can promote reassurance and independence. 

During the session you can expect to learn more about:

•         In-home personal alarm and additional sensors for increased support

•         GPS enabled devices for support away from the home

•         Information about our 24/7 monitoring centre

•         Leaflets for you and your colleagues to share with your clients

Each awareness session can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Contact productchampions@centragroup.org.uk to book your awareness session!