How the Digital Switch will affect Teletech

19 March 2019

Centra are working with local authorities, housing providers and maintenance providers, to understand and highlight the current digital landscape.

Centra's Business Development Team have been working closely with BT and Virgin to understand what the Digital Switch means to Teletech providers and customers to ensure Centra are well-placed to continue delivering our excellent services.

Did you know?

  • 1.7 million users of TEC systems are connected remotely to teletech service providers.
  • The underlying systems are dominated by alarms or hubs, linked to alarm receiving centres 20-30 Billions of devices will be connected to the Internet of Things, globally by 2020.
  • The average UK home has 8.3 web connected devices. By 2020 this will rise to 29.

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State of play

By 2025, all analogue telephone services in the UK will be switched off and replaced by digital systems using internet protocol (IP) technology.

Transition of phone services has already started. As of 2019 British Telecoms (BT) will only sell digital lines - whether this is someone contracting for broadband or new lines for voice calls. There will be no geographical rollout program as happened with BT’s 21CN programme - this will be done through re-contracting and new sign-ups.

In 2023 BT will start the forced migration to digital, by laying the infrastructure to clients’ homes. Any BT customer who has not switched to digital by this time will be moved to digital with the switchover to be completed by 2025.

Many technology enabled care services, particularly the installed base of teletech systems in the UK, rely on traditional telephone line connectivity for the exchange of voice and data between users and care services.

Some issues have already been experienced when running these devices over next generation telephony networks. Many services that employ analogue connectivity will therefore need to be upgraded in some way during the upcoming change.

Digital information day

Centra are working with local authorities, housing providers, suppliers, and maintenance providers, to understand and highlight the current digital landscape.

Centra, BT and Virgin Media invite you to join us for a presentation and discussion led by Antoine de La Gardette (Head of Special Services Industry Engagement, BT) and David Christie (Senior Regulatory Specialist, Virgin Media) to discuss their plans to upgrade analogue telephone lines to digital.

Spaces are limited: Please RSVP by email


27 March: 10am – 12pm or 2pm – 4pm

Location: Clarion Housing, Corsica Street, 1-7 Corsica Street, London, N5 1JG

28 March: 10am – 12pm or 2pm – 4pm

Location: Centra, 32 Tower View, West Malling. Kent, ME19 4UY

29 March: 1pm – 3pm

Location: Clarion Housing, Level 6, 6 More London Place, Tooley Street, London, SE1 2DA