International Day of Older Persons

The United Nations' (UN) International Day of Older Persons (UNIDOP) is celebrated annually on October 1 to recognise the contributions of older persons and to examine issues that affect their lives.

We’re showing our support with information on how technology is helping older people live happy independent lives and celebrating some of our fabulous volunteers and how they support people in our communities.

Music sounds better with you.

Thursday mornings at Kestrel Court are a musical explosion hosted by DJ Ian. There’s always a good amount of positive energy going around affecting anyone there. 

Ian Russell has been a volunteer with Centra for over two years now. He started off with reminiscence sessions, then he switched over to music. At Kestrel Court, one of Centra’s housing schemes in Walthamstow, people just love Ian’s weekly musical get-togethers. The crowd, consisting mainly of ladies, are visibly enjoying the music Ian is playing for them, which is based on their own requests. The room is filled with people singing along, moving with the beat, some from their chairs and some on their feet.

Did you know that listening to music can boost happiness and reduce anxiety? 

According to a recent study by researchers at Durham University and the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, even sad music can lift your mood.

collage of older people volunteering

Photos from Loud & Proud volunteering magazine June 2017

Befriending in the community 

lorraine summers volunteer

Photograph - Lorraine Summers our superstar volunteer

“My Name is Miss Lorraine Summers and I live at Duval House. I am 56 years old and 57 next month. I have lived at Duval House for over 18 months. I wanted to volunteer to help other people and also because it is good for my health.

The Sheltered Scheme manager suggested that I help out at coffee mornings at first then I made an application to the volunteers’ service. I get the pleasure of seeing people be happy and looking forward to seeing me. It makes me feel better when I am low and I forget about my own problems. 

I think it is about three months that I have started befriending one of the residents. She does not see anyone only her Scheme Manager. I feel good and proud that she has accepted me to visit her on my own. When she asked me to go to the shops for her I felt very honoured that she trusted me. 

I volunteer because it is very rewarding and I feel better. I don’t think about my own situation as much. It is good for my physical and mental health well-being.”

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Reassurance at the touch of a button 

Gloria’s life was literally held in the balance when she pressed her personal alarm pendant - a simple action that saved her life.

Gloria lives with a rare condition that can trigger a stroke at any time. At home alone she felt a stroke coming on and immediately pressed her alarm but already found she could not speak

Gloria, “The personal alarm saved my life. If the ambulance hadn't got here quickly I would have died or suffered serious brain damage.

Our range of lifelines and personal alarms are designed to keep you or your loved ones living independently at home for longer. The telecare alarm unit can be enhanced to cater for a range of specific care needs through additional sensors.

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