Our people

We aim to be a brilliant place to work, with fantastic people who care. We have a strong team of over 2,460 colleagues across the country and we want to build a strong culture that focuses everyone in our organisation on our customers and people.

Having great, happy teams is crucial for us to be a high-performing organisation delivering great services. We are a unique place to work, where people with energy and talent are able to express themselves and develop their careers.

We are committed to investing in, developing and supporting our colleagues at all levels. We provide employees with a wide range of training opportunities delivered in ways that easily adapt to individual needs, such as online e-training modules on diversity, financial inclusion and environmental sustainability alongside more traditional training sessions. We have invested around £700,000 on learning and development for our teams in the last year.

Leading the way

We are proud of our approach to diversity and have been shortlisted for an Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion Award for best practice in employee engagement on diversity issues.

Our integrated, inclusive approach to career development and progression has led to 62% of our senior leadership population being female, and 25% of our leadership group has been promoted internally in the last year.

Our approach to talent management and succession planning has also led to almost 10% of our leaders being ready for a promotion in less than six months.
This capacity is fundamental to the growth and development of the business, particularly when coupled with our leadership programmes which develop capability and enhance performance.